School Rumble: Ichigakki Hoshū (OAV)

Alternative Name: School Rumble: Extra Class
Author: Kobayashi Jin
Studio: Studio Comet
Network: TV Tokyo
Licensor: FUNimation
Released: December 22, 2005
Director: Takamatsu Shinji
Episodes: 2
Genre:  Comedy, Slice of Life, Romance




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Spring Anime 2009

Spring Anime is here atlast! =3

Anime in my watchlist:

La Cordia D’Oro~second passo~

Bishies~ hehe I’ll definitely watched this 2 special episodes of La Cordia D’Oro!!

Lupin II VS Detective Conan

I love Edogawa Conan so i’ll definely watched this and he’s with Lupin III!!!

Full Metal Alchemist (Season 2)

FMA!!! Roy Mustang!!!


The story was interesting i’ll try to watch this.

Eden of the East

everyone are interested in this anime so I’ll try watch this also

Asura Cryin’


to see other anime will be shown this spering ’09 click here

Densha Otoko



English: Train Man
Released: June 4, 2005
Director:  Murakami Shosuke
Genre: Romance, Drama




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Densha Otoko

Also Known As: Train Man
 Released: July 7, 2005
Network: Fuji TV
Episodes: 11
Directors: Takeuchi Hideki, Nishiura Masaki, Kobayashi Kazuhiro
Genre: Comedy, Romance

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For the Future

I just want to share my latest favorite song though it was released a looooooong time ago, hmm about 4 years ago.. hehe..

The title is For the Future by Do As infinity. I admit I was once a fan of DAI when I was in grade six.  I love their songs, I love Van’s voice.

For the Future was the ninetheenth single from the album Need Your Love and was released last January 19, 2005.

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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

Author: Tanagawa Nagaru
Animation Studio: Kyoto Animation
Released: April 2, 2006
Network: Chiba TV
Episodes: 14
Director: Ishihara Tatsuya
Genre: Comedy, Science Fiction

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 Wah! I’m back again! I’m really sorry for leaving quite a while I was busy with my schoolwork..  *sigh*

And again, I’ll do my best to update HARA-HETA =3

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